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A screen-grab worth a 1000 words?


Oh sweet irony!

As I was monitoring some of The Blaze coverage from this weekend's "Occupy Wall Street" protests, I heard about a YouTube page created by a man named Glenn Anthony, one of the protesters. Mr. Anthony asked people to review his five minute video covering the activities of the first day.

Less than 30 seconds into the anti-capitalist montage, those pesky pop-up ads started appearing... take note of the first one.

A Glenn Beck mention... and one of Glenn's sponsors... right on top of the video created by the protesters!

But wait - there's more!

As one of the disenfranchised youth was repeating the same anti-America talking points heard all weekend, this ad popped up:

I only hope that the protesters, their friends and families will see this clip... perhaps it will inspire them to start storing food, or become subscribers to GBTV!

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