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Friday evening must-reads


Flashback: NYTimes hailed al-Awlaki as "a new generation of Muslim leader"

Whack-a-Mole is no way to win the war on terror

Joe Biden's email fundraising plea: Barack and I are "just two guys"

Poll: 50% of Americans despise Government Motors

Feds sue company for firing 600-pound worker

USPS unveils new ad campaign: Emailing is dangerous

Solyndra: You Like It, You Love It, You’re Getting More Of It

Trent Lott predicts Romney will be top GOP choice

In the market for a giant Rick Perry Chia statue? I've got good news

Jesse Jackson: Herman Cain is "insulting" black voters

Cain enjoys highest net favorability rating among contenders

Chris Christie will officially make his official no official this weekend

Peggy Noonan: We need a leader, not a storyteller

Media silence is deafening about important gun news

NBC amazed Michelle Obama knows how to push a grocery cart, or something

The future looks bleak: GMA interviews "future president" who wants to tax the "greedy" rich

h/t Greg Hengler

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