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Fox News knows its worth


Back when Fox News Channel was a but a tiny seedling in the cable universe, it paid service providers to make its way into Americans' homes. Not anymore. Providers now pay Fox to stay. And when Fox's current contracts with service providers end, they'll likely pay more, according to "Adweek."

Fox News currently gets roughly 70 cents per cable subscription. When negotiations for contract renewal come up this year, Fox will probably be aiming much higher.

News Corp. COO Chase Carey has publicly indicated that Fox intends to renegotiate its subscription fees way up as it enters contract talks with cable providers this year. Carey implied that Fox considers itself roughly in league with networks like ESPN—which commands a whopping $4 per subscriber.

Fox's value comes from its hyper loyal audience. Most trusted name in news? For the viewers, it's the only name in news.

“In the case of Fox News, the viewers are completely convinced that it is the one thing that stands between our tenuous grip on democracy and total chaos and dictatorship on the left,” says a source who has worked for both Fox and competing cable news networks. “They feel it’s the only option, the only oracle, the only source of real news.”
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