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Tuesday morning must-reads


White House on Occupy Wall Street: "We understand"

Liberal media claim Wall Street protests are a left-wing tea party

Pelosi: Class warfare is in "our founding documents"

Wall Street protesters post manifesto of "demands"

Justice Elena Kagan's ObamaCare conflict of interest

Next SCOTUS term will be supremely consequential

More untruths from our First Lady

Obama's favorite think tank says cut the Army

The debit card stealth tax

GAO: Federal agencies fail on cybersecurity measures

America is becoming a frugal nation

9 American cities going broke

Could European crisis cause a recession here?

What could go wrong?

Chris Matthews: GOP plans to build Dick Cheney shrines, or something

Do Christianity and small government go hand-in-hand?

Who's afraid of Mitt Romney's Mormonism?

Poll: Rick Perry slides, Herman Cain rises

Could Cain's 9-9-9 plan work?

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