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Islamic Terrorism Cartoon Promotes Children Killing ‘Occupying’ Soldiers


"Now I will avenge my religion, honor, and land."

A new series of cartoons translated and posted by MEMRI promotes a Muslim child's use of an explosive-filled toy car to kill soldier of the non-Islamic occupying army.

The cartoons were posted October 1 on an Islamic extremist forum and titled "Stories of a Martyr's Son." It appears the nationalities of the characters were left open-ended, so while the cartoon appears aimed primarily at Palestinian youth, it could also be used to brainwash and incite young Muslims in other parts of the world in the name of Jihad.

[Editor's note: Arabic is written right to left and the cartoon panels are set in that order.]

The introduction to the cartoons states that it takes place in a blessed land that was invaded by the enemies of Islam, and many Muslims were killed resisting them. One of the martyrs left behind four sons,  the youngest of whom is Qassem, the hero of comic strips below.

It tells of how Qassem, a young Muslim boy and son of a "martyr," is repulsed by the hand of a soldier touching his shoulder at a checkpoint. The soldier in green fatigues offers Qassem a toy car in exchange for becoming an informant against his fellow Muslims:

Qassem pretends to agree to work for the occupiers, and they laugh at him. Qassem walks home with a spying device in his hand, planning to throw it out:

One of his brothers finds the discarded spying tool and becomes angry. But Qassem's second brother decides that instead of discarding the spy pen and the remote controlled car offered to bribe Qassem, they should hatch a plot to kill occupation soldiers with them:

Qassem drives the remote-controlled car-- now packed with explosives-- under a tank of occupation soldiers. Dead soldiers are thrown out of the destroyed tank:

Qassem and his two brothers are pleased as they survey the destruction, and celebrate with a high-five and a "Praise to Allah:"

Clearly, the cartoon strip was created to influence Muslim youth and is part of a continuing campaign by Jihadists to demonize non-Muslims. Muslim extremists continue to use the internet and digital imagery to propagate violence against non-believers. And as we can see, they are working hard to reach the youngest possible audiences with their message of hate.


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