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Brad Thor offers Boston police pizzas for protest crackdown


It's 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday and police are reportedly getting ready to move in to enforce a city curfew, despite the objections of the Occupy Boston crowd. I think best-selling author Brad Thor has the right kind of attitude -- that is, we need to stand behind our police as they try to uphold the law. And you know the old saying... the best way to a man's cop's heart is through his stomach:

Need batteries for your TASERs or refills for your pepper spray?  Brad's got your back:

I say AMEN to that.  Nothing irks me more than hearing the "occupying" protesters plead for police officers to a) disregard their legal duties, and b) feel sympathy for their demonstration because they're really doing all of this for our benefit.

Most importantly -- thank you, Brad, for setting an example and reminding us of what's really important to remember in all of this "occupying" nonsense:

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