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Round 4: GOP debate on the surface


It was the third debate of the fall season Tuesday night. Here’s your recap of the kibbles and bits:

1. If you needed any more proof that this economy is fragile, the production of the debate, hosted by the Washington Post and Bloomberg TV, was it. It was like watching "The Blair Witch Project," but with a shakier camera. It could easily have been mistaken for footage of an endoscopy performed on Ron Paul. Some advice to whom it may concern: Terminate the clown on stilts who was operating camera 3.

2. Quote of the night: "I believe in tables." -- Moderator Charlie Rose

3. Rick Santorum wasn't taking any prisoners this time. He got all interactive with the audience in New Hampshire on Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, asking members to raise their hands if they supported a federal sales tax. Few or no hands went up.

"There you go, Herman," Santorum said. It's good to see he's got a little spice in his life, but this kind of sudden spark wreaks of money problems with his campaign. Also, Santorum  brought back his "Game of Life" shirt-tie combo:

4. Jon Huntsman made a joke about thinking that 9-9-9 was actually the price of a pizza. That was funny. Unless you live in Washington, D.C, where $9.99 gets you 20 minutes of parking time so that you can pick up your $13.99 pizza.

5. When Rick Perry jumped in the race, his message was based on one thing: job creation (understandably). But during Tuesday's debate, when conversation turned to more complex economic issues, such as trade with China and currency, he looked a little confused. More importantly, during our live chat a BLAZE reader pointed out the oddly placed part down the middle of Perry's hair:

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