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SWAT Team Seizes AK-47s, Sniper Rifles From Brad Pitt’s Hungarian Movie Set


"World War Z"

We want realism in our action films, but it appears Brad Pitt's latest movie took it too far.

Hungarian SWAT teams have raided the film set of Brad Pitt's upcoming "World War Z" because of a cache of live weapons,  according to People Magazine. World War Z is an in-production zombie flick based on a popular novel.

To get that added edge of realism, it appears the movie's prop master or armorer set Pitt and company up with AK-47s and sniper rifles that were not fully disabled. Some even had live ammunition in them.

The Hungarian authorities claimed they had to swoop in for safety reasons, stating that "85 weapons were seized in Budapest at a warehouse because they were not fully inoperable as they were supposed to be."

Police were apparently trying to avert a tragic incident similar to the one that occurred in 1998 on the set of the action movie "The Crow." A loaded weapon made it onto the production set of that movie and subsequently killed Brandon Lee. He was the star of the film and son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

This time around, thankfully, there have been no injuries.

And hopefully Brad Pitt will still be able to stop the ravaging zombie hordes from destroying the world-- using only blanks from now on.

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