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Sirius-XM‘s ’Opie’ Confronted With Alinsky-Like Tactics At Occupy Wall Street

"Pervert, pervert pervert!"

Gregg "Opie" Hughes (one half of the popular radio team of Opie & Anthony) visited the Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan earlier this week and expected to find something he could support, instead he was driven out of the area by a gang of protesters using the classic tactics of Saul Alinsky.

An an exclusive interview with The Blaze, Opie makes no bones about being slightly more liberal than his outspoken, conservative, radio partner Anthony Cumia. On Tuesday, he spent almost three hours in Zucotti Park, shooting videos for his "Opie's Eye" YouTube channel. He stated to us and repeated it several times on the radio that he believed he would find common ground with the protesters. However, he left the park calling them "filthy hippies."

The Sirius XM host regularly posts videos of the unusual people he sees in New York City, and the park filled with protesters appeared to be ripe with possibilities. The video posted below features a few of the colorful characters Opie encountered: (Content warning - strong language)

At the very end of the clip you may have noticed two women reacting to being recorded. Opie told us that he stopped recording at that moment, but the confrontation continued and, in fact, escalated.

Here is how that clash was described on the Opie and Anthony radio show the next morning: (Again - strong content warning - this is uncensored audio from satellite radio)

As you heard, Opie was confronted and surrounded by more than two dozen of the protesters, chanting "Pervert, pervert, pervert!" This is classic "Alinsky" - In fact, it is right out of  Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals" - he taught his followers to:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Once the target is identified, you freeze it with an accusation so heinous that it must be defended or refuted before anything else can be addressed. The quickest way to run off a nosy photographer is to accuse him of being a pervert. If two dozen or more people start chanting it, the mob mentality can easily take over and trump the truth. Classic Alinsky.

This is just another piece of evidence pointing to the fact that the "Occupy" protests are not spontaneous (as is constantly being trumpeted by supporters on the Left), but rather a manufactured, planned action with paid, trained leaders embedded inside.

Last weekend The Blaze reported on a connection between the White House and organizers from a far Left political group, the Working Families Party, as well as WFP's recruitment, training and paying of the protesters. Chicago's protesters have recently been joined in their marches by Congressional Rep Jan Schakowsky and SEIU's Stephen Lerner. And more legitimizing of the action came this week as former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore have made separate, public declarations of support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

With embedded leaders now in place inside the group, and public support coming from a former President who has a higher approval rating than the current one, it would be wise for everyone who did not take this movement seriously to give it another look.

What was pitched to the country as a spontaneous protest against Wall Street and the financial system, one that would spread across the country, has been shown here on The Blaze to be a well-planned action with trained and paid organizers inside the group. Occupy Wall Street ties to groups like the Working Families Party, Code Pink, unions like SEIU, and of course the deep pockets of George Soros have also been exposed. And now we see the tried-and-true tactics of Saul Alinsky being used to drive away anyone who might be deemed unsupportive of the mission.

(H/T: Opie and his videos of the Wall Street Occupation)

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