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CAIR at Occupy Wall Street: 'Islam Stands for Social Justice'


The CAIR employee then stated that Muslims and Jews share the same struggles.

Two women representing the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), spoke to MRCTV Friday morning at the Occupy Wall Street rally in Zuccotti Park, stating they were there to stand in solidarity with the protesters and because “Islam stands for social justice, first and foremost.” Last week The Blaze reported that CAIR hosted a traditional Muslim "Jummah" prayer service at Occupy Wall Street on Friday.

When asked if CAIR condemned the repeated displays of anti-Semitism occurring across the Occupy movements, the woman, who identified herself as a non-Muslim CAIR staff member, said "absolutely," stating that Islam embraces "all" religions. She then compared the plight of Muslims and Jews, claiming the two groups share similar struggles.

The CAIR employee also singled out the NYPD for condemnation over claims the department is investigating certain Muslim populations in the New York area:

Below is a VOA report on CAIR's presence at Occupy Wall Street:

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