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Victim of Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street Attack Responds: 'Poison


"Everybody wants to blame Wall Street."

Earlier this month, the Blaze began reporting on some disturbing developments down at Occupy Wall Street. While potentially anecdotal, we have examined a number of verbal attacks that were waged against Jews and Israel.

One of the most bizarre incidents was when a young man named "Danny Cline" (also known as "lotion man") verbally attacked a Jewish man, calling him a "bum" and attacking him for his ethnicity.

Last week, video blogger "Joey Boots" caught up with the victim of this horrid attack -- a man named "Ari." In a taped, on-the-street interview, Joey Boots and Ari discuss the incident as well as the Occupy Wall Street movement.

First and foremost, Ari admits that Wall Street isn't perfect, but he seems to believe that there are more positive ways to handle dissatisfaction than by occupying the financial district. He says:

"Not everything in Wall Street is good. Not everything in the government is good. But if you want to change something, I think you gotta go and vote for the right people to be there. Change the system and do the right thing.

But being here and doing all this noise when you have 10 people doing 10 different things...I dont' think it's going to bring...a change, especially with the poison of anti-Semitism..."

While Ari said he doesn't think that the movement as a whole is anti-Semitic, he claims to have seen a number of examples of anti-Jewish sentiment during his time down at Wall Street.

Ari seems particularly disturbed that people would go after Jews, claiming that they "have all the money." He explains that such a statement is "ridiculous."

One of the most intriguing pieces of information that comes from the discussion, though, is his current occupation. Ari tells Joey Boots that he's a cab (limousine) driver. Then, he claims that he once had a limousine business, but that he lost it. He says:

"I did [have] a company and I made the wrong moves and I lost it. I sold it and I sold at the wrong time. And I can't expect to go to Wall Street and say 'come and bail me out.'"

See, despite his business failure, Ari takes full responsibility and doesn't expect to be bailed out. This paints a starkly different picture than the one created when Cline attacked him for having money (while we don't know Ari's personal finances, he at least claims to have faced some business hurdles).

Below, watch him respond to his spat with Cline, while sharing his opinion on the Occupy movement:

And here's the original video:

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