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Rep. Jackson Lee calls out Perry on flag-license plate controversy


When some see the Confederate flag, they think, "Too many primary colors." When Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Tex., sees it, she thinks, "[F]ear, intimidation, oppressive action, brutality, slavery and the death of slaves… and the brutality of Jim Crowism..."

That's a lot. And that's how she characterized the flag on the House floor Tuesday. Her remarks came while commenting on a controversy in Texas over a Civil War historical organization's push to allow the confederate flag on Texas state license plates. Lee called out Rick Perry on the issue, accusing him of allowing the state to "fool around" with the matter, according to The Hill.

We reached out to Gov. Perry's office for comment. They directed us to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV's Public Information Officer Kim Perkes told us this type of issue is "not something you would expect the governor" to oversee. She said the governor appoints a board to oversee the DMV and "traditionally in Texas, when a governor appoints a board, the board does its job. That's why you have a board."

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