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911 Audio: 5-Year-Old Girl Tries to Drive Lincoln Navigator to Look for Her Mother


She was worried that her mom would be mad at her.

This probably isn't the type of call 9-1-1 dispatchers hear everyday. A 5-year-old girl grew tired of waiting for her mother to arrive home on Wednesday and decided to take matters into her own hands by grabbing the keys to family’s Lincoln Navigator. Little Ameleah hopped into the over-sized SUV and somehow managed to shift the car into reverse. It wasn't until she realized that she couldn't reach the brake or gas pedals that the vehicle rolled down the driveway and into the neighbor's yard. Luckily, Ameleah managed to exit the SUV and run back into the house, where she called 9-1-1.

Fox News adds:

In the call with emergency operator, Ameleah first tried to avoid telling the woman on the other end of the line that she was the one who took the car out, because she was nervous that her mom was going to be ‘pissed’ at her.

As it turns out, Ameleah’s mother had been rushed to the hospital earlier in the day; her father didn’t get the message that he was supposed to pick his daughter up from school.

Watch the full report below:

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