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Michael Moore: 'Occupy Movement' Obama's Only Hope For Reelection


There's no way to "pull it off" without the Occupy movements.

Left-wing filmmaker and reluctant "1%'er" Michael Moore spoke during a book signing at Barnes & Noble in White Plains on October 24. During the Q&A session that followed, Moore was asked how liberals can convince others to reelect President Barack Obama. Moore's answer was simple: Occupy Wall Street and its satellite movements.

"If Obama stands up for the working, middle class over the next year, he can pull it off...I don't know how we can 'make him' do that other than through the Occupy movements," Moore said plainly. He went on to assert that Obama has "tried to have empathy" for occupiers "all over the country."

"Maybe some good will come out of this," Moore said, adding that protests will give Obama the "push" he needs to beat the GOP in the next election.

Watch Moore rally his troops below:

(h/t: WZ)

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