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Trick-or-Treating: 300 Pieces of Candy; Kid's Reaction When You Tell Them You Ate It All: Priceless


Mom: Do you still love me? Child: No.

Jimmy Kimmel gave parents a challenge -- an evil challenge -- to tell their children the day after Halloween that they had eaten all their well-earned candy.

The filmed reactions are priceless and, as Kimmel points out, nearly all end in tears. Watch the wailing, flailing, punching and parental name calling:

I wish I could say that Kimmel's challenge was cruel (because it was), but the reactions are well worth it. Come on, how can you resist "You're ugly dad" and the lovable "2+2 is 5"?

Plus, look at what it tells us about today's youth. While some may look at these clips and see greedy children, I see kids who just don't want their hard-earned candy taken away from them. They worked it for that candy; especially with this year's weather requiring many of them to trudge around with extra layers and boots under or over their costumes. Perhaps it would be more fair and realistic if parents told their children they took a certain tax percentage of their candy, based on how much they'd earned. Better start those hard lessons now.

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