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Iranian Students Celebrate 1979 Hostage Crisis, Call Occupy Wall St. a Continuation of Iran's 'Islamic Revolution

Iranian Students Celebrate 1979 Hostage Crisis, Call Occupy Wall St. a Continuation of Iran's 'Islamic Revolution

They also support the "oppressed" Palestinians.

November 4th marks a significant day for many Iranian nationalists. For them, it signifies the day when, in 1979, 52 Americans were captured by Muslim students at the former U.S. embassy in Tehran, kicking off a 444 day hostage crisis. For reference, the Iran hostage crisis occurred during Jimmy Carter‘s presidency and ended with the hostages’ release just moments after newly elected President Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address in 1981.

The Blaze previously reported that, since 1979, Iranians celebrate what they call the "National Day against the 'Global Arrogance'" each year by holding rallies -- and that this year, some 2.5 million Iranian students would reportedly do so by marching in solidarity with the “oppressed and deprived” members of Occupy Wall Street.

Now, in a communication released at the end of the November 4 rally, the protesters assert that the Arab spring, as well as the anti-capitalism protests around the world, are merely a continuation of Iran's "Islamic Revolution."

"We warn the leaders of the hegemonic system, specially the US administration to pay attention to the message of the anti-capitalist 'Occupy Wall Street Movement' and meet the demands of their own and other right-seeking nations and pave the ground for true public partnership and participation in the administration of their community's affairs by giving up their arrogant policies and support for the corrupt 1 percent minority who are ruling the world majority," the Iranian activists said.

The demonstrators also expressed support for the "oppressed" Palestinians and described "holding a free election as the only way to resolve the Palestinian issue." Iran's Fars News Agency adds:

They further voiced support for the resistance of the oppressed Palestinian nation against the usurper Zionist regime, and stressed the necessity for continued resistance until occupiers are fired from Palestine and all Palestinians return to their country.

Also in the same communiqué, the ralliers felicitated the Iraqi nation on their resistance against occupiers and the start of the pullout of the occupying troops from their country, and said they believe that the US withdrawal served as a prelude to the start of the reign of "religious populism" over Iraq.

They also cautioned the Muslim Iraqi people to keep vigilant against the aggressive plots hatched by the Americans to continue their illegitimate presence in that country, and further voiced support for the Iraqi people's demand for the exit of all occupying forces from the Muslim state.

It should be noted that, aside from those who march in solidarity with OWS, there are Iranian student-members of the dissident movement who are pro-West and would like to see Iran emulate the freedom embraced by the U.S. and other world democracies -- or at least see their country return to the more open society it was during the days of the Shah's rule. Those voices and views, however, are severely stifled by the Iranian regime and rarely make their way into the media spotlight. In many cases, such activists are beaten, imprisoned, or worse. And it will be stories of Iranian youths supporting an anti-West, anti-capitalist movement, who serve as the regime's most useful propaganda tool.

Below is an Iranian-English news report discussing the hostage crisis, the alleged motivation behind the event, and subsequent marches:

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