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Alec Baldwin: Reagan Was a 'Failed Actor' Who Snubbed the Underprivileged


Alec Baldwin isn't afraid to let his anti-Republican ideals surface from time to time.

On his new radio show (yes, he's been given a show), "Here's the Thing," Baldwin decided to take some jabs at Ronald Reagan -- a man who, like Baldwin, got his start in acting.

Baldwin didn't go easy on Reagan either. “He was a failed actor who in my business what happens is you become ripe and you fall from that tree and you go — and he went into this other field because it was a role for him to play,” he said.

But he wasn't done there. While chatting with GOP political strategist Ed Rollins, he continued. “Reagan seduced a whole generation of Americans into believing, you should have what you want more than they [the underprivileged] should have what they need, and don't feel guilty about it,” Baldwin said. Rollins, of course, politely disagreed with Baldwin's assessment.

Listen to the entire interview, below:

Below, watch Baldwin down at Zuccotti Park earlier this month, discussing the Fed, among other issues:

(H/T: Politico)

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