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Another Human Foot Washes Up in Canada


"We could well see more come up."

This black boot washed along the British Columbia shore Saturday, containing the ninth human foot discovered in the area since . (Image source: British Columbia Coroner's Service)

A ninth human foot washed ashore along the British Columbia coast Saturday, adding to the mystery of why floating human feet continue to turn up in Canada.

Children at a Port Moody camp spotted the hiking boot-clad foot and reported the sighting to the police, according to the Vancouver Sun.

An official from the British Columbia coroner's office said there is no evidence of foul play and that the foot appeared to have "disarticulated naturally" through decomposition after spending a long time in water. The others have been found in similar condition.

"There were no tool mark impressions or cut marks that would suggest possible suspicious activity," coroner Stephen Fonseca said.

However, the latest foot was found in fresh water -- not salt water, like the eight previous ones discovered since 2007. It is also the first to be found in a boot rather than a running shoe.

According to the Sun, the boot is a black, men's size 12 Cougar-brand hiking boot, with blue interior felt lining.

An autopsy was performed on the foot and it is currently undergoing DNA analysis to aid in identification.

Fonseca said this is probably not the last foot that will wash ashore.

“We could well see more come up,” he said, according to the Globe and Mail. “We do have a lot of people who meet their demise in an aquatic environment, and there are people wearing shoes that are buoyant, and for those people who have died in those waterways, that’s probably the body part that is going to resurface.”

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