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Clinton: Hillary not surprised 'I'm part Neanderthal


Every joke has some truth to it. That's what makes them sting a little. Serving as the open for the annual Stand Up for Heroes charity event in New York on Wednesday, Bill Clinton took a shot at himself.

From the New York Post:

“We learned in the last few months, because of the Human Genome Project, which I spent a lot of your tax money on to finish, that . . . between 1 and 4 percent of your genome comes from our pre-human ancestors the Neanderthals. Now it didn’t surprise my wife and daughter to learn that I was part Neanderthal.”

Oh, Bill. But it got worse when it was Jon Stewart's turn at the mic.

"Herman Cain is saying, ‘The Democratic machine is setting me up,’” Stewart said. “There’s no way the Democrats are setting [Cain] up on sexual charges . . . everyone knows the Democrats don’t think sexual misconduct is grounds for excluding you from running for office.”

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