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Student Occupiers Chant 'Whose Streets, Our Streets' as They Overtake New York's 5th Avenue


Cars blocked, helicopters flying low, and a huge standoff with police.

The Occupy Wall Street "Students and Workers United" protest in Union Square kicked off at 3PM and quickly swelled to a massive march that took to the street on Fifth Avenue, blocking traffic and forcing a huge police presence to gather.

Here is video I took at the scene:

Cars were stuck for blocks and others were swarmed by hundreds of protestors chanting "whose streets, our streets" and "we are the 99%."

Police cars were racing to the scene from all directions, including several Emergency Services Units and yellow buses intended to transport large numbers of arrestees.

At least two police helicopters hovered over the intersection of 14th street and 5th avenue where the protestors were blocked off by barricades and police lined up shoulder-to-shoulder.

The Union Square march intended to meet up with other Occupier mobs downtown, which could involve some Occupiers clogging the subways.

Once downtown, they planned to march on the Brooklyn Bridge -- the site of the Occupiers' first mass-arrest.

Another showdown on the bridge appeared imminent.

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