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Pro-Palin Group to Air TV Ad Urging Her to 'Reconsider' a 2012 Bid


"build some momentum for the Governor."

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin greeted visitors at the Iowa State Fair on August. The group Conservatives4Palin will run an ad next week urging her to reconsider her decision not to run for president. (AP)

Some supporters of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are so hopeful she'll reconsider her decision not to run for president, they're airing a TV ad in Iowa to try and get her to change her mind.

Conservatives4Palin will run the ad in the Sioux City, Iowa market and on YouTube beginning Nov. 30, the group announced in a blog post Friday.

"Your contributions have made it possible for us to run the Palin reconsider television ad next week in the Sioux City, Iowa market," the post said.

With the Iowa caucuses little more than six weeks away, time is running out to convince the 2008 vice presidential nominee to get in the race, the group acknowledged.

"What we do next after the television ad goes up is a more difficult question," it said. "If this ad is able to build some momentum for the Governor, the best way to keep that momentum going may be to commission a national GOP primary poll that includes the Governor as one of the options. We’ll see if it’s possible given our resources."

"We’re open to other ideas but the greatest challenge may be that time is running short for her to reconsider," it said.

Palin spent a lot of time in Iowa before ultimately announcing in October she wouldn't be running: She made an appearance at the Iowa state fair during her "One Nation" bus tour and made a major speech to Tea Party supporters in Des Moines in September.

She also released a video in August titled "Iowa Passion" that led many to think a presidential announcement was imminent.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/gqaE4sXZWRQ?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

h/t Hot Air

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