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Jon Stewart Skewers Cain in Brutal Segment Over Affair Allegations


"Nice to see him going the consensual route."

Jon Stewart and his "Daily Show" correspondents really tore into Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's most recent alleged sexual impropriety on Tuesday night.

Simply put, in the battle of public perception, there wasn't much left of Cain's forces after the "Daily Show" crew was through.

On Ginger White's allegations that she had a 13-year-long affair with Cain, Stewart said to this audience:

“Thirteen years? That is an admirable commitment to the women with whom you are… violating your spousal commitment.”

Stewart also sarcastically noted it was "Nice to see him going the consensual route," referring to earlier allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Cain.

Stewart also honed in on the allegation that Cain signed a book for White with the inscription that “friends are forever, everything else is a bonus."

Cain's excuse for that signature -- that he was "trying to help White financially" -- was laughed out of the studio by Stewart and his studio audience.

Watch the no-punches-pulled Daily Show segment yourself and take a guess at how many days the Cain campaign has left [warning: some adult content in the segment]:

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