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Brian Williams: Meeting with Chelsea Clinton was like 'The Godfather


The daughter of Bill and Hillary is ready to come out as a Clinton herself. Chelsea has always had the name, but not the gusto. She was shielded from the cameras as a kid. And she mostly stayed away from them as an adult. Now she's ready to embrace the spotlight.

Her latest move in taking advantage of the perks of being a Clinton is signing on as a special correspondent for NBC News. It was top secret while negotiations were happening, according to a profile on Chelsea in the New York Times.

For weeks, NBC News used a pseudonym on planning schedules so no one would find out Ms. Clinton had joined the team. Brian Williams described his first exceedingly discreet meeting with Ms. Clinton at a quiet table in the back of an Italian restaurant in Midtown as “ ‘The Godfather’ without a gun hidden in the bathroom."

So, what's Chelsea's purpose for making her debut as a true Clinton? Unlike her parents, she's not a politician, but she probably couldn't help for her answer to sound like that of one: "I hope to make a positive, productive contribution, as cheesy as that may sound.”

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