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Protesters Give Nazi-Style Salute to Wis. Gov. Walker at Tree Lighting


"Heil Walker"

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is in the middle of a recall battle stemming from his attempts to save his state money by taking away collective bargaining privileges for public workers. And it seems that battle just took an interesting turn when, at the Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony at the state Capitol last week, some protesters raised their hand in a Nazi-style salute when he was introduced.

The MacIver Institute has the video:

A listener of WSAU-RADIO in Wisconsin was next to the protesters and snapped a picture. According to him, he heard them say "Herr Walker " and "Heil Walker:"

I was behind those protestors this morning and I can say for sure they

were giving a Nazi salute...I posted the picture on Senator Alberta

Darling's Facebook page.  I heard them say "Herr Walker" and "Heil

Walker" etc.

Here's the picture:

Unfortunately, this isn't anything new. During protests at the state capitol last year, people made signs calling the governor Hitler.

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