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Climate Skeptics Parachute into Climate Conference City Waving Climategate 2.0 Banners


We'll "carry our message by parachute if that’s what it takes to wake up this conference..."

CFACT Skydives on Conference Bringing Climategate 2.0 Message

On Tuesday, a skydiving team from the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) parachuted down on Toti beach, near the city where the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is taking place.

The skydivers carried two signs, one reading "Climategate 2.0 Science Not Settled", the other "No New Treaty CFACT". According to a CFACT press release, the dramatic entrance into Durban, South Africa, was to bring attention again to the Climategate 2.0 emails, which were leaked last month.

“Media covering COP17 are kidding themselves if they think they can ignore and wish away Climategate 2.0,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker in the press release.  “Lord Monckton, the folks from Climate Depot and I will carry our message by parachute if that’s what it takes to wake up this conference and place the Climategate evidence of corrupted science where the world must see it.”

And that's just what they did. Watch the footage from CFACT:

[youtube expand=1]

The skydivers were met on the beach by what a CFACT representative told The Blaze were mostly a crowd of young people interested in who could be coming down from the sky but also the message they brought. Christina Wilson of CFACT said in an email to The Blaze that she had the opportunity to speak with a restaurant owner close to the beach who had never heard another point-of-view about climate change.

The more than 220,000 leaked last month included some of the same scientists on the International Panel for Climate Change who were also involved in the 2009 email controversy. This second batch of emails was found to be dated around the same time as the 2009 emails, and those involved have again claimed that they were taken out of context.

The organization states in the press release that it believes some climate scientists are stoking fears in global warming.

"The real agenda of the climate alarmists is to promote massively expanded government regulation  worldwide, at the expense of jobs creation and economic growth," Rucker said. "The policies they advocate will do the greatest harm to the world’s poorest people and ensure that citizens of developing nations have no chance at true freedom and prosperity.”

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