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MSNBC's Ed Schultz Uses 'Republican-Hating' Dog to Defend Obama


"He's a pretty good watch dog against Republicans."

Another day, another political drama. With Republicans like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin criticizing the White House Christmas card as well as President Obama's recent trip to a local PetSmart with his dog, Bo, at least one liberal commentator is hitting back.

MSNBC Host Ed Schultz came to the rescue Thursday night, as he defended the Obama -- and Bo (critics are wondering if the presidential pooch was flown back from Hawaii where he was allegedly "vacationing" to take part in the curious presidential photo-op).

To assist him in addressing the political drama, Schultz brought in Rex, a beagle from a local dog shelter in New York City. "Some Republicans are taking a stand against dogs, like Rex," Schultz said, as he carried viewers through the recent controversies over the Christmas card and pet store trip (both controversies involve Bo).

It wouldn't be a proper Obama defense piece without George W. Bush's name popping up in the monologue. So, Schultz wasted no time in airing an old White House video featuring Barney, Bush's dog. Each year, "Barney Cam" videos were created to commemorate Christmas:

"So, it was okay for President Bush to spend time making movies with his dog, but President Obama can't take Bo to spend some money supporting American businesses?," Schultz rhetorically asks.

After the host sifted through his defense of the president, Rex began barking. As Mediaite notes, the MSNBC host tried to console the dog by saying, "The Republicans are gone." Of course, the pooch wasn't reacting to GOP criticism of the president; he was howling and barking as a result of seeing other dogs on the screen.

"He's a pretty good watch dog against Republicans," Schultz contends, following Rex's response.

Watch the video, below, to be introduced to the pooch that Mediaite dubs "Republican-hating:"

 (H/T: Mediaite)

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