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Was Obama's Dog 'Bo' Flown in From Hawaii for Presidential Photo Op?


But who paid for his flight?

Was presidential pooch Bo Obama flown in from his Hawaiian vacation early to pose for a photo op with the president at a local PetSmart store? White House Dossier reports that Bo showed up at Obama’s side Wednesday shopping for dog treats at PetSmart.

But, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Bo had in fact flown to Hawaii with Michelle Obama and her daughters. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser even quoted an eyewitness who said he had seen the Portuguese Water Dog being walked in the tropical paradise.

So why was Bo posing for photo ops in D.C. with the president?

WH Dossier attempts to make sense of it all:

Either these reports are mistaken, or Bo was told his vacation was over and that he had to return to the White House to keep a lonely president company – and participate in a silly photo op presenting Obama as an average guy who likes to head out to the PetSmart.

If Bo returned from Hawaii, who paid for his flight?

It’s possible he hitched a ride on a return flight of the Air Force plane that brought Michelle from Hawaii, which wouldn’t have really added much to Michelle’s more than $100,000 price tag for her solo trip.

Or maybe he commandeered his own Air Force jet.

This is not the first time, however, that the Obama's have attempted to appear as "ordinary people" by shopping at local retailers (despite the cadre of Secret Service following in tow), thus the idea that Bo might have been flown in specially for a photo op with the president is not neccessarily far-fetched.

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