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Can You Predict How the Story Ends in This Stunning Photo?


"Of course, the eagle went for the doe instead of the other prey."

(Photo: Milan Krasula/Solent News & Photo Agency via The Telegraph)

This photo shows what looks like the beginning of a sad ending for a young doe, but would you believe that the golden eagle was the one left disappointed?

The Telegraph reports that Milan Krasula, who snapped the exchange between eagle and doe, said the doe narrowly escaped by scurrying under a fence. According to the Telegraph, Krasula had been holding out for a good photograph at the annual eagle hunt for four days before he captured this one:

He said: "You have to be very lucky to get a good shot, as you cannot predict where the prey will be hiding.

"I found an area that I thought it would be good for a photo and where some smaller animals might be hiding.

"I was waiting there around an hour or so, when all of a sudden there was a young little doe running out from the forest.

"One keeper then released his eagle, who was about 200 metres away from me.

"He did not see the little doe running and had actually released the eagle to get another animal.

"Of course, the eagle went for the doe instead of the other prey."

After the doe slipped under a fence, The Telegraph reports, it scampered into the woods and the eagle abandoned the chase and returned to its owner. Krasula is reported being happy the doe got away.

BBC reported earlier this month that the annual eagle hunt held in Kazakhstan is an ancient tradition conducted in modern times to help preserve the saker  falcon population. BBC reports that the hunt is entertainment for the wealthy and revenue helps them breed more saker  falcons which are dropping in numbers.

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