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Romney Explains Why He Compared Gingrich's Campaign to 'I Love Lucy


"It's such a classic scene."

Republican presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney continue to spar as the Iowa caucus inches closer. On Tuesday, Romney decided to poke fun at the Gingrich campaign, which endured criticism over poor organization numerous times in the past.

Speaking specifically about Gingrich's inability to qualify for the Virginia ballot -- a blip Gingrich’s campaign director compared to Pearl Harbor -- Romney came up with another analogy.

"I think he compared that to Pearl Harbor? I think it’s more like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory. You’ve got to get it organized," he joked, while speaking with reporters in New Hampshire:

Here, Romney was clearly referring to the famed scene in which Lucille Ball was struggling to package chocolates. The presidential candidate appeared on Fox & Friends, where he addressed his swipe at Gingrich. "When I see mistakes, I try and find a little humor," he said.

In his Fox interview, he went on to explain his "I Love Lucy" analogy. "You may remember that sketch where chocolates were coming out of the machine faster than she could stuff them in the boxes...and she started stuffing them in her face," Romney said. "It's such a classic scene. Those of us who have gotten a little behind can identify with poor Lucy."

While Gingrich didn't appreciate Romney's initial comparison, Romney dismissed his comments as mere humor. Watch the interview, below:

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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