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The One We've Been Looking For': See Ron Paul's Epic New Ad


“Serial hypocrites and flip-floppers can’t clean up the mess.”

Mitt Romney may be surging in the Iowa polls, but Ron Paul isn't about to roll over and give up. Take, for example, his new political ad -- an epic spot attacking Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney complete with a rousing voice over and an almost messianic tag line: "the one we've been looking for."

“Serial hypocrites and flip-floppers can’t clean up the mess,” the deep-voiced narrator says, as pictures of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney flash across the screen. “One man stands alone ... consistent, incorruptible, guided by faith and principle — Ron Paul, the one we’ve been looking for.”

Have a look:

"While Paul has been in Congress since the 1970s, he can plausibly argue that he never embraced the culture," the Washington Post writes. "As David A. Farenthold wrote this week, Paul tends to propose bold legislation that never makes it to a floor vote, and he’s never shown interest in lobbying behind the scenes to get it there. "

We'll see next week if it pays off.

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