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Security Cam Catches Woman Trying to Steal Case of Beer by Shoving It Up Her Dress


Don't judge a beer case by its cover.

A surveillance video uploaded to YouTube ten days ago shows a family of three casually shopping at an unknown store, nothing out of the ordinary, until suddenly the apparent mother transforms into sly burglar in the blink of an eye. The vide0 has been viewed 350,000 times, undoubtedly many such views being replays followed by "She couldn't have!"

As you'll see in the video, after casually speaking with the older man and the younger girl right at her side, the older woman suddenly looks both ways and then shoves a 24-pack of Guinness under her dress before walking away as if nothing happened.

There is no indication of where the apparent theft took place, or if the woman of seemingly average size was able to walk out of the store unnoticed with the 18-20 pound beer case somehow secured underneath her dress.

After watching this video many may think twice before opening a can of Guinness this New Year's Eve.

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