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Romney: 'I won't cry


There's nothing good about seeing a man cry as he campaigns to be president of the United States. It's not humanizing or endearing. But Newt Gingrich cried Friday in Iowa while participating in a forum hosted by Republican Strategist Frank Luntz. The audience was made up almost exclusively of mothers.

Luntz asked Gingrich about his mother and Gingrich choked up and shed some tears.

Mitt Romney made fun of the moment. At a separate event later in the day, he talked about his own parents and how they raised him, adding, "No, no, I won't cry," according to Politico.

Thank God. There's no shame in crying, but laying it out in public? Spare me. There's no way Michele Bachmann would get away with it. None of the men should either.

Watch the bit regarding Gingrich here, via Mediate:

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