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Swift Boat vet doesn't like Gingrich's 'Romney-boated' comment


In response to the flurry of negative ads targeting his campaign in Iowa, Newt Gingrich said he felt like he'd been "Romney-boated," a reference to the Swift Boat Veterans group largely credited for wrecking John Kerry's presidential bid in 2004.

John O'Neil, the guy who headed the Swift Boat Veterans, doesn't like Gingrich saying that. He doesn't really like Gingrich in general, actually.

From the National Review:

“To me, it reflects Gingrich’s very cynical hypocrisy, which he shares with Kerry,” O’Neill tells National Review Online. That hypocrisy “is the reason why he can appear with [Nancy] Pelosi in climate-change ads and why he can take money from Freddie Mac: If you’re part of the political class, [you believe] you’re free from any public scrutiny of what you’ve done.”
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