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Keith Olbermann reads The Blaze!


Several members of THE BLAZE's editorial staff suggested gift ideas for Keith Olbermann's birthday last Friday. He got them!

In a Saturday tweet to one of our assistant editors, Madeleine Morgenstern, Olbermann said, "Nice math. 2012-1959= ? I suppose if you were good at anything you wouldn't have to work for Glenn Effing Beck."

That bit of calculus Olbermann performed at the start of his message was in reference to his age, which I actually got wrong in the original post. I wrote that he was 52 this year, not his actual age, which is 53. I knew he looked older!

It was disappointing that Olbermann's tweet sent virtually no traffic to our site, but as an anchor on Current TV, he can only have so much influence. He gets a pass.

Regardless, we hope his birthday was everything it could have been and more. Happy birthday, Olbermann.

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