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Surfer Seeks to Break His Own Big Wave World Record With Help From a New Wetsuit


Garett McNamara, a pro-surfer who holds the world record for largest wave ever surfed at 90 feet, is setting out to beat his own jaw-dropping feat and he thinks a new wetsuit will help.

But not just any wetsuit will do. Designed by Camelback -- the company that makes those backpacks worn by runners that allow them to stay hydrated without breaking stride -- McNamara's new wetsuit, according to TMZ, would hold an oxygen-pouch to be used in the event that the surfer gets held underwater for a longer-than-normal period of time.

Watch McNamara's recent record-breaking 90 foot ride:

If the wetsuit wearer were held under water by the wave, he or she would simply sip the oxygen from a straw until it let up. TMZ reports McNamara as saying this could give him a few extra, vital minutes underwater, specifically while he's seeking out a 120-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal.

Related: Last year, we reported that fellow pro-surfer Shane Dorian also has a new wetsuit in the works, which the wearer inflates by pulling a string to lift them to the surface when they are trapped under water.

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