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Was Jesus a political moderate?


BLAZE writer Buck Sexton sent out a tweet last night questioning the term "moderate." He said it seemed like a  "pejorative" label. But a story on the front today by our faith editor Billy Hallowell suggests that maybe Jesus was a moderate. Or, at least most Christians think he might be if he were alive today:

Conservatives, in fact, believe Jesus would be even more opposed to abortion and gay marriage than they are. Additionally, they contend that he would be less disagreeable to helping illegal immigrants gain citizenship. Surprising? It gets better. In contrast, liberals believe Jesus would be tougher than they are when it comes to moral issues and more open regarding fellowship.

“Liberal Christians tend to believe that Jesus is more conservative than they are on moral issues, while conservative Christians believe he is more liberal,” writes Randy Dotinga of HealthDay News. “Liberal and conservative Christians also tend to believe that the matters most important to Jesus are the same ones most important to them,” he continues.

WWJD? Moderate, maybe. But then Newt Gingrich might yell at him.

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