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Limbaugh on So-Called HHS 'Accommodation': There's no 'Compromise,' It's all BS!

Limbaugh on So-Called HHS 'Accommodation': There's no 'Compromise,' It's all BS!

"Freedom doesn't mean anything to this regime or this administration!"

Earlier today, The Blaze’s Billy Hallowell reported the following:

This afternoon, President Obama announced the “accommodation” his administration plans to offer church-affiliated groups. Speaking from the White House, he explained that, under the new plan, universities and institutions connected with faiths that oppose contraception and associated services will not have to directly offer them.

Obama said that the new-and-improved birth control, sterilization and abortion-inducing drug policy will protect religious liberties, while assuring women’s access to contraception reports the AP.

And although major media outlets were calling the president’s decision a “cave,” some critics believe that he's simply applying the unconstitutional mandate to a different entity, namely, insurance companies.

“Everybody's reporting that Obama's caving on this mandate that the Catholic services provide abortion and all. There's not a cave here!” conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Friday afternoon.

“There may be an accommodation, but there's no big cave-in here. It's still the government mandating this stuff happen. They're just changing the provider. It's not done by the church. He says he gave them a way out of it by mandating the insurance companies do it, but that's not the point here.”

He continued:

So everywhere I'm reading that Obama is caving on the mandate in Obamacare that Catholic churches -- well, not churches, but the schools and hospitals are mandated to provide contraceptives and abortion-related services that they religiously disagree with. "What's happened here is that Obama's caved! He has seen, he has heard, and now he's gonna shift that burden to the insurance companies!"

My point here is, ladies and gentlemen, we are losing freedom and liberty inch by inch. It's not being taken -- well, in some cases it is, but in most cases it's not being taken from us in giant grabs. It's little by little by little such that people don't even see it. It doesn't even register.

Limbaugh then addressed an AP report that claimed religious employers would not have to cover birth control for their employees.

"The administration instead will demand that insurance companies will be the ones directly responsible for providing free contraception," the AP reported.

Limbaugh was beside himself.

“And we're supposed to applaud this? We're supposed to think that we have emerged with a big victory here? Obama can mandate that we buy insurance, and now Obama can mandate what insurance companies must offer -- and after mandating what insurance companies must offer, then Obama can mandate what insurance companies can charge for it?” Limbaugh asked.

So what was his take away from this supposed “cave”?

“Freedom doesn't mean anything to this guy! Freedom doesn't mean anything to this regime or this administration. To me, this is breathtaking. This is an incredible sight to behold here,” Limbaugh said. “Since when does a president have the power to threaten to issue a rule gutting religious liberty? That's the first thing.”

Limbaugh then went on to explain that he believes all of this “kerfuffle” between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration has been by design.

“And, by the way, I don't think any of this a mistake. I don't think this religious kerfuffle is something that they overreached on,” Limbaugh explained. “I think roiling this country and distracting people, setting up these extreme things like this and then walking them back to create the illusion, ‘Okay, you know what? We're not gonna take your freedom,’ it's all BS, folks.”

Hear Limbaugh explain the so-called "compromise" via Daily Rushbo:

“So here we have again from the top,” Limbaugh continued, “Obama's gonna offer a compromise proposal said to be respectful of religious concerns. He started this. He started it by demanding that Catholic organizations provide birth control and other abortion-related services.”

“That's unconstitutional. He cannot do it. There is an appropriate uproar. The regime says, ‘Okay, we'll walk it back and then we'll make the insurance companies do it.’ He's still getting everything he wants! He's getting mandated federal funding of abortion services -- and, in the process, trampling all over the Constitution. The right to religious liberty in this context is unequivocal in our country. It's in the Constitution!”

Read the full transcript of Limbaugh’s opening monologue here.

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