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Egyptian TV: Blue Jeans Imported From Israel Contain 'Secret Magnets' Causing Infertility


A vast conspiracy is afoot. At least according to Egyptians who believe certain Israeli products are being imported into their country for the sole purpose of rendering Egyptians infertile. First it was shampoo allegedly laced with chemicals, now designer jeans harboring "secret magnets" are designed with one purpose -- sterilize Egyptians. According to Sinai Bedouins like Muhammad Al-Mane'i, "Israeli products contain lethal poison."

Following are excerpts from a debate on the "invasion" of Israeli products into Sinai, which aired on Egyptian Dream2 TV on February 1, 2012. The ever-watchful staff at MEMRI has lifted the veil off yet another bewildering exchange on Arab TV, thus providing insight into the paranoid mindset at play.

The video clip can be viewed below. Transcript follows:


Al-Mane'i: There was a time when they would bring us jeans. These pants used to have belts. If you looked at these belts from the front, you'd find a secret compartment, and when you opened it, you would find a magnet inside. When we asked what these magnets were, we were told that they cause sterility.

Interviewer: In other words, it causes infertility.

Al-Mane'i: Exactly.

Interviewer: There was a time when these jeans with belts would invade us from Israel, and we used to take the magnets out and chuck them away.


Interviewer: Israeli products contain lethal poison. You might not feel this poison now, but you will in the future. Israel will remain an enemy lying in wait for Egypt, no matter what happens and regardless of the agreements, because Israel has its eye set on Egypt.

(h/t: MEMRI)

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