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Here's How to Create an Email that Will 'Self-Destruct


"...don't trust that your e-mail is completely private..."

How cool are those scenes in action-thrillers when the spy gets a note that says "This message will self-destruct immediately after reading."? If you always wanted to create such a message but weren't quite sure how to make it quietly disintegrate into flames leaving only a pile of ash, consider taking your endeavors online.

CNET reports that OneShar.es will allow you to create a one-time message with a unique URL that can only be read once -- no explosion required. It points out that this function could actually be very useful when sending personal information and/or preventing it from remaining in an email archive:

A good example would be sending a loan banker your Social Security number and other personal financial information. Or, maybe you just want to vent about your boss to a co-worker and don't trust that your e-mail is completely private (odds are, it isn't).

All the user has to do is type their message on OneShar.es and they are then provided with a one-time URL, which they can send via email to whomever they please.

So what about the sensitive information that you're typing onto OneShar? The company notes that all information on its website is conducted using HTTPS, which will encrypt your data to its server. Any data it does store is also encrypted. And, once the recipient views your URL, the message you typed is deleted from OneShar's system.

OneShar also has an app version for both Android and iPhones, costing $0.99 per message.

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