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Apple Rumors: New iPad 3 Picture Leaks, iPhone 5 Speculation


Ready for the your juicy Apple product rumor mill update of the week? (Related: New Apple iPad 3 rumors emerge: March 7 set as specific date) First off, here are some newly leaked photos from a couple Chinese sites (via Digital Trends):

And here's a review of what we "know" so far about the expected iPad 3:

  • Release date speculated for March 7 -- or at least during the first week of March
  • Expected to run on Verizon and AT&T's 4G LTE network
  • Double resolution "true retina" display around 2048x1536"
  • Supposedly larger camera and battery and therefore slightly thicker
  • More powerful graphics processing unit

With iPad 3s expected to hit shelves rather soon, some are advising that now is the time to sell your iPad 2 if you'll be looking to upgrade. Mashable writes that even though Apple hasn't even confirmed the existence of the iPad 3 yet, those who sold their iPads before the release of iPad 2 made more money. For example, according to Mashable, iPad sales right after last year's announcement fetched about $550, but only a few hours later prices dwindled to around $300. And iPad 3 rumors aren't the only ones swirling. SlashGear reports that the Chinese site Macotakara is speculating we could seek the highly anticipated iPhone 5 -- the same that some where hoping for last fall-- this September or October. SlashGear notes that another site received a tip with a similar timeframe, leading them to wonder if this is a "well-orchestrated ruse to point away from the truth". Only time will tell. For now, we'll keep you posted on iPad 3 rumors and will try not to hold our breath as we wait for March 7 to roll around.

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