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Blaze Exclusive: Epic, Never-Before-Seen Trailer From Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' Documentary


"Everybody's telling me the world's going to hell. "

Actor Kirk Cameron's "Monumental" documentary aims to explore American history and contemporary society, while helping citizens recapture the country's "national treasure" (you can read more about the film here). And now, The Blaze has an exclusive, never-before-seen trailer that provides a unique look at what viewers will experience through this thought-provoking film.

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The clip's cryptic -- yet invigorating -- music accompanies video of money burning, tombstones and quick-flashes of gripping imagery streaming across the screen as Cameron provides a brief narration.

"Everybody's telling me the world's going to hell. Really? Because I have kids in this world -- and I want a great future for them," Cameron says in the 30-second trailer. "And are we just supposed to let it go?"

Watch the new trailer:

Another clip provides even more background on the film, with Cameron explaining "something is sick in the soul of our country:"

In recent weeks, the actor has shared his worries about the world's direction -- a theme his film tackles in detail. Below, hear him discuss the collapse he sees happening "morally, spiritually and politically" in America:

"Monumental" will be in select theaters starting March 27, 2012. You can find out more by visiting the documentary's web site.

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