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Laundry of the Future? Done With No Soap, No Water, No Noise -- Take a Look


It is truly the washing machine of the Jetsons' era. Only in a concept design phase, this waterless, soapless, noiseless washing machine uses dry ice to clean up your dirty clothes.

The Orbit was designed by Elie Ahovi in 2010 for the Electrolux Design Lab to show how doing laundry could look in 2050. Orbit is a self-sufficient washing machine that powers itself with liquid nitrogen and would clean clothes using frozen carbon dioxide.

According to Ahovi's website, the ring in which the laundry ball is placed holds batteries, which are recharged while the machine is in use. Also, thanks to the battery-filled ring, the drum containing the laundry will float from an electromagnetic current.

In what Ahovi describes as "cryogenic cleaning", the dry ice will be "fired at supersonic velocity" at the garments cleaning them without damaging the fabric. Negative ions will be powered at the clothes to rid them of odors. Ahovi writes that this process would be expected to take minutes, compares to the hour some traditional loads can take.

While Business Insider writes that they've "fallen madly in love" with the concept, it does note a few issues, such as a pet or child knocking it over while in use or the electromagnetic field not being strong enough to float the drum.

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