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Radio Talker George Noory Narrowly Escapes Kidnap in Mexico


"I'm gonna stay in the good ol' United States for a long, long time."

Radio talk show host George Noory -- host of Coast to Coast -- had his vacation plans unexpectedly changed into escape plans when the limousine he was supposed to be taking ended up being driven by a would-be kidnapper. Here's the segment from Noory's show explaining the incident:

The incident, Noory says, began when a limousine style van picked him up at the airport, purporting to be his transportation to his hotel. On the way, Noory noticed that the van was taking him through a less-than-savory area of Mexico and that the driver was behaving oddly. When Noory tried to exit the van, the door handle broke off in his hand. Only through a real stroke of luck was he able to get away by hailing another car and paying the driver $100 in cash.

Noory's ordeal has been described by law enforcement officials as an "express kidnapping," meaning a kidnapping where someone is picked up by a van and driven around to various ATMs, where they are forced to empty their bank accounts at gun point. It is also unusual that tourists suffer this sort of treatment immediately at the airport, as a guest on Noory's show explained that the town he was vacationing in had probably the best security regimen possible around its airport:

Noory, however, says he learned his lesson from the experience.

"I'm gonna stay in the good ol' United States for a long, long time," he said on his show.

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