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NBC Mocks Glenn Beck On '30 Rock' With Scene About Crying...and a Prostitute


"It's an old acting trick I learned..."

If you happened to be watching NBC's comedy hit "30 Rock" starring Alec Baldwin last night, you would have been treated to a little Glenn Beck. But you wouldn't have heard how Beck's theories on Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring have proved true. No, instead you heard him being mocked for crying -- and how that somehow tied to a prostitute.

In the clip, Alec Baldwin's character (Jack) talks with Jenna, played by Jane Krakowski. Jenna is seen explaining to Jack that she needs to cry during a show featuring singers she calls "condom accidents." But instead of actually crying, she pulls out a jar of what appears to be Vick's VapoRub and says she's going to rub it under her eyes.

"It's an old acting trick I learned from Glenn Beck's prostitute," she says:


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