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George Soros' biggest sin: saving American Apparel


The shady liberal dealings of currency speculator and tight swim shorts-wearer George Soros are well documented on this site. But this is terrible.

American Apparel, the worst, most overpriced clothing store in America (the world, probably) has been in financial ruin for quite some time. I've been rooting for it to go under because I don't like how the store justifies selling these average jeans for $85 simply because they're made in a "sweat-shop free" factory. Gag.

And just when it looked like American Apparel was about to close its doors, Soros stepped in.

The billionaire octogenarian — who, like American Apparel’s controversial CEO Dov Charney, has lately been entangled in lawsuits with young, beautiful women — is backing a firm that’s in talks to extend a credit line worth as much as $80 million to the cash-strapped clothing chain, The Post has learned.

The credit facility from Crystal Financial, a Boston-based firm that boasts Soros’ hedge fund as its lead investor, will immediately replace and expand a $75 million revolving credit line from Bank of America that matures in July, sources said.

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