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Gingrich & Perry deny they seek a joint ticket


A report from Fox News spurred political buzz Sunday after "sources close to the Gingrich campaign"claimed that talks had started between Newt Gingrich and former GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry to unite on one ticket to bolster Gingrich's outreach in the conservative community.  But by Monday, both the Gingrich and Perry camps sought to dispel the rumors.  A Gingrich spokesman told CBS News that the two camps have not discussed the idea "at any level."

"While there's certainly a lot of people who are great admirers of Rick Perry on our campaign. whether or not the campaign has gone as far as to reach out to Governor Perry about a possible VP ticket, any sort of talks along those lines would be premature -- it would be something more appropriate for later on in the process," Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said.

Catherine Frazier, a spokesman for Perry, also called the speculation "humbling but premature."

Despite Perry's endorsement of Gingrich, he has only reportedly appeared with the former Speaker of the House once on the campaign trail.

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