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Horrifying 'Chop Shop' Reveals Murdered Human Remains Dissolved in Acid


"The house was a terrible sight."

Hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive.

It's being called a "house of horror" or a "chop shop." German authorities recently identified some of the gruesome activities that occurred at a home in Tuddern, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail states locals became suspicious of a "peculiar" smell emanating from the house. What was later revealed from the police was that a family from Holland killed several individuals out of revenge and attempted to dispose of the bodies by putting them in "hydrochloric acid vats" and dumping the "sludge" down the toilet.

The Daily Mail has more:

The case concerns a man who was shot and another who was hit with an icepick whose throat was slashed," said public prosecutor Daniele Weymar in the German town of Tuddern not far from the Dutch border.

"We have found human remains."

One victim was killed in Belgium. The first victim was Alan Gergeri, 24, an Iraqi who the family accused of homosexually raping one of their sons.  He was murdered in 2009.

The second man, Mohammed al Jader, 29, was cut down in a hail of bullets last year, allegedly for trying to blackmail the family.


One police officer said: "The house was a terrible sight. Bone fragments and a green gloop were found at the bottom of these vast vats that were filled with acid.

"Fingers and feet bones have been found a mile away in the sewers." Gas masks were found in the house -- used by the family as they poured the acid from barrels into the decomposing tanks."

Police have said as the investigation continues more victims could be found.

Reports are that three of the family members allegedly involved with the murders have been arrested but the father and his adult daughter are said to be on the run in South Africa. The hunt for them is underway. The Daily Mail states that prosecution of the arrested mother and her two sons was turned over to Dutch authorities.

The Local has more from prosecutor's office:

We were initially following a missing person report, when al Jader was reported missing by his family,” said the prosecution spokeswoman.

“When his body was discovered, it had been almost totally dissolved in acid; there was hardly anything left of him. We also found remains of the other man – so we accidentally found two murders rather than just the one.”

With forensic evidence being hard to come by with much being damaged by the acid, the prosecution said trial is not expected to start until as late as May 2013.

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