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MSNBC Host Outraged After George Zimmerman's Lawyer Allegedly Walks Out of Interview


"the first guest in the history of this particular show, to get scared, to be terrified"

If you ever want to get under MSNBC Host Lawrence O'Donnell's skin, just cancel an interview last minute and walk out. That's allegedly what Craig Sonner, the Lawyer for Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, did Monday night. And O'Donnell wasn't happy about it.

According to O'Donnell, Sonner was scheduled to be on the show, but just minutes before he was set to be on, he walked out of the studio in Orlando. O'Donnell laced into him for it:

Craig Sonner has been the first guest in the history of this particular show, to get scared, to be terrified, so terrified of coming on this show that he has literally run away. He's in our car right now, taking him home from our studio, afraid to face the questioning he would face on this show. Watch out for wherever Craig Sonner shows up next on television, because wherever he shows up next on television has an obligation to put him through serious questioning about what he's doing and what he knows, and the contradictions in the things he's already said on television.

In fact, HuffPo says, O'Donnell even later switched to an empty shot of the interview chair and started questioning it:

  • "Who is paying you, Mr. Lawyer?"
  • "Does George Zimmerman have a job?"
  • "Did you represent him when he was arrested for assault on a police officer in 2005?"
  • "Your client was not injured enough to go to the hospital that night. You say he sought some sort of medical treatment the next day. Do you have those medical records that you can show us?"

We have yet to hear from Sonner about his side of the story. You can hear O'Donnell's version below:

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