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Does This Video Show SEIU Protesters Admitting Getting Paid to Picket Supreme Court?


"In the brown envelope."

What's in question in the video below isn't what the people are caught saying, but rather who gave them the $20 they are overheard talking about.

In a video taken by the blog Disrupt the Narrative, five female protesters donning SEIU purple and signs are seen walking near the Capitol (seemingly recently) and talking about the $20 they were given in paper envelopes.

"We can go to Union Station. [Unintelligible] And then we'll all leave out together," one woman is heard saying. "That's what they gave us that $20 for, to spend. Yes $20. They gave us $20," she says after another woman asks about it. "In the brown envelope."

"In the brown envelope," the other protesters echo in agreement.

Listen to it below:

It should be noted that there's no way to know who the "they" is that gave the women the money. Maybe it was the union, but maybe it wasn't. We don't know. But the video at least raises questions. (And we know D.C. protesters have faced these allegations before.)

However, if it is true the protesters are being paid by the union, the site SEIU Monitor points out some of the reasons it's unpalatable:

What you may not know is that according to Mary Kay Henry, President of the SEIU, about 30% of SEIU members vote Republican, and an additional 20% are independents. And yet all of their dues money goes to pay for the SEIU’s considerable political operations, which go to predominantly left-wing causes that are entirely unrelated to the working needs of their members.

The SEIU is spending their members dues money on issues that have nothing to do with salaries or working conditions. On top of that, they’re paying people to protest, after accusing anti-Obamacare groups of being “Astroturf”. This is not only a poor use of dues money, but dishonest and hypocritical as well.

And we know SEIU was protesting in D.C. this week, as this video from MRCTV shows (and the outfits and signs are similar to the women above):

Top down, bottom up, and inside out?

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