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Sticky Business: $5M Scattered on Highway After Collision Involving an Armored Car and a Van Full of Candy


At approximately 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, local time, a Brinks tractor-trailer carrying about $5 million in Canadian money was involved in a massive collision on a stretch of Ontario highway.

“[The] fully-loaded Brinks tractor-trailer crossed the centre line...slamming into a rock cut,” CTV News reports. “That impact triggered a series of collisions that ultimately involved another two tractor-trailers, one of which was packed with candy, and a minivan.”

The crash put the two Brinks drivers in the hospital with life threatening injuries and scattered about $5 million dollars worth of gold and silver and a truckload of candy on the highway.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have closed the highway (for obvious reasons) and say that it will remain closed until the wreckage is cleared and the money recovered.

Watch the news update via CBC News Canada:

South Porcupine OPP described the "debris field," made up of millions of dollars in Canadian coins, as "massive." The exact value of the money scattered throughout the area is unknown.

Const. Marc Depatie from South Porcupine OPP believes visibility was a factor in the massive collision.

"This is the first occurrence that I'm aware of where a collision has occurred where the actual load [of Canadian currency] has been compromised," he said, adding that they would be using “magnets and other less sophisticated means of collecting the cargo.”

(H/T: jalopnik)

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